The Sorcerer's Wish


Under her green, transparent visor, Doris shuffles her feet down the aisle of slot machines, rubbing her lucky bracelet. Doris remembered what the sorcerer told her — the bracelet will tingle for every opportunity to become rich. Please tingle bracelet.

She paused for a second at each slot machine. No tingle. Walking along the next row, she sees a woman inserting money, and her bracelet tingles. She watches, expecting the machine to land on $$$. It spins and slams to a stop. No $ sign. If only she had sat down.

The next chair another woman and another tingle. This time the woman stands. Her opportunity! She reaches out for the big handle and pulls it. The wheel spin and click, click, click to a stop. No $ sign.


The next tingle was on another woman. This time Doris leaned in to the woman, placed her hand on her back, and said good-luck. The woman pulled the lever, click, $, click $, CLICK, $! Sirens sound. The woman drops her cup of quarters onto the floor. Her mouth gapped.

Doris quickly turns and mutters cruses at the bracelet and the sorcerer. This bracelet won't make her rich. She has to do it herself.

The next tingle, she makes a deal with the woman. Doris will pay for the woman’s spin and if they win they split half the profits. “Deal” the woman says and pulls the lever. $$$. Sirens sound!

For the next 2 months, Doris made deals that filled her pockets. After she had enough money for ten lifetimes, she returned to the sorcerer, “You made me rich, but still I don’t feel rich.”

“Did you ever feel rich, Doris?” the sorcerer asked.

Doris recalled one day, the day she went person to person, leaning in to say good-luck, and shuffling away to hoots and hollars of great fortune. That day, she didn’t care for the money. That day she felt rich.

Doris didn’t answer the sorcerer. She simply shuffled down the cobblestone street towards the casino at the end of the road.