Vulnerability, Impartiality, Empathy, Wonder - a framework for Connection by Joe Hudson
Building Businesses
I played professionally for a decade — no one can read me
The blend of reality and fantasy, I’m never bored with this style of writing
A world dominated by children
I dream of teaching children. writing and resources are me turning off the lights
From Stewardship to Mentorship, to someday maybe Professor — here are notes on teaching.
A partner for life
The mundane proclaimed with meaning
The mundane infused with meaning
A Story told through Metaphor. A framework by David Perell
“A writer’s fingerprint; personality on the page” - Michael Dean
Facilitating space between people
Boundaries, Communication, VIEW, Ways of escaping my head
God exists obviously
Interview site spotlighting the shadows
Self-reflections and Behavior change over 70 hours of therapy
A daily collection of stories to tell over dinner
My journey building an escape room
fast decision-maker, focused attention, in tune with desires, adjusts as emotions arises
Tactic to give back to the community
capturing your life observations
A mentorship program I participate in
When jokes fail it’s because the audience doesn’t understand the premise. The same is true in essays, the reader must understand the Context
that moment when... , observations
There’s always something to be afraid of. It’s an expensive business.
I joined WOP online in September 2021. Now I see friends from WOP IRL weekly
from essay arcs to character arcs, a story opens with a question-mark and ends with an exclamation-point
Getting things done, a methodology for stress-free productivity
I beg you—I want to read to escape my mind which jerks from thought to thought—please help by writing clearly.
Tactics for connecting with a human through written words
A passage to a different way of thinking, crawled into by the brave